NT Cranial History

NtCranial’s birth is due to the need of launching on the cranial fixation systems market a new patented device which could allow to close burr hole and skin incision line at the same time. Use of the Peek Optima polymer has allowed to obtain a highly-biocompatible and radiolucent device, with an elastic coefficient which is very similar to the one of human bone

The Start

The project was born in 2012 with first prototypes. The NtPlast know-how comes from ProPlast’s experience in plastic materials and from Mr. Romolo Gazzani’s (Research and Development Manager) knowledge of surgical devices. In January 2013 it assumed the actual configuration.

The Launch

In 2013 the experimentation started. It was conducted by Prof. Pierre Rabiscon, Doctor Pietro Primo Versari and creator Romolo Gazzani with anatomic studies on human cadavers’ cranium.

Then a live experimentation on three unsacrificed baboons was carried out.

The experimentation has always been combined with mechanical studies about the devices’ resistance and biocompatibility.

At the end of the experimentation, the certification procedure to obtain the CE marking was carried out.

The NtCranial device was launched on the market in 2014.

NT Cranial in the World

Thanks to its easy usage and strong performance in neuro-surgery today NT Cranial is used in more than 20 markets all over the world and has many positive feedbacks and references 


NtPlast was born as a start-up of ProPlast Consortium about Plastic Materials in the 2012, with its main offices in Rivalta Scrivia (AL).

The  Company is constantly involved in existing devices’ updates and in new neurosurgical devices development.