• Time savings thanks to the screwless design
  • No need to manage multiple small parts
  • Easy configuration
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Greater stability than titanium miniplates
  • Spring design which absorbs load energy and allows the flap to recover the original position
  • Young’Module closest to the aproximation to cortical bone
  • No imaging artifacts ad MR Compatible


Place the GAP configuration along the craniotomy cut and the HOLE configuration in the burr hole


After inserting all the devices, place the cranial flap in the cranoitomy site


Push downward the plate in order to lock the device


Remove the exceeding part or the tensor with the NTCranial Cutter

This  new device  allows to obtain  a satisfying  craniotomy closure  in a short time, if compared  to Titanium  plates.
Positioning  is simple and  requires approximately  2 minutes; there is no  need of specific instruments.
Post surgery  CT scans prove  flap positioning is correct  and stable.  There are no  artifacts.

Professor A.Santoro / Department of Neurosurgery university La Sapienza and Dr M.Piccirilli

In our experience there was no case of lesion of the dura or of the brain nor any case of extradural bleeding, as demonstrated by the CT and MRI examinations performed both immediately after surgery and in the following months. Moreover, the fixing capacity has always proved to be valid without evidence of dislocation of the device or of the craniotomy spot.

Dr. Spena / Neurosurgery Department

In our opinion, NtCranial® is a simple and practical tool in the hands of the neurosurgeon and permits a safe quick closure after cranial surgery.

From “NtCranial®: a preliminary, retrospective experience” Barbanera, A.; Spena, G. SS. Biagio & Cesare Arrigo Hospital (Alessandria, Italy), Brescia Hospital (Brescia, Italy).
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