A safe and quick device for an effective cranial refixation | NTPlast

NtCranial® is a new PEEK-based device for cranial flap refixation after craniotomy. In this paper 11 case studies have been collected. NtCranial® has been implanted according to the instructions for use, and after the surgery the patients underwent routine manual palpation and CT/MRI scans to assess the stability of the flap. Record of possible adverse events was made. In all the cases the stability of the flap and the aesthetic result were optimal. No imaging artifacts have been observed. No complications occurred. Although this is a very preliminary analysis, NtCranial® showed to be a safe and quick device to perform an effective cranial refixation.

From  “NtCranial®: a preliminary, retrospective experience” Barbanera, A.; Spena, G. SS. Biagio & Cesare Arrigo Hospital (Alessandria, Italy), Brescia Hospital (Brescia, Italy)