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NTPlast performs all phases that are typical of the biomedical devices development process


Strongly multidisciplinary and combining a wide range of skills: design & engineering,regulatory & process expertise, knowledge of the clinical world.


Manufactured mainly by injection molding of polymers in clean room environment.


Keeping the human being at the centre to improve the quality of life by creating new and helpful products.


Neurosurgery technologies with research supported by qualified surgeons.


Close link with surgeons and physicians, aiming to provide new answers to actual needs.


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NTPlast is a multidisciplinary working team, with a strong specialization in plastic parts design, prototyping, manufacturing of advanced biomedical devices. Problem solving expertise of engineers are joint to the medical expertise of physicians to help improve patient health care in various fields. NTPlast engineers have a long experience in the field of design of precision injected biomedical components and related moulds. Additional engineering competencies and techniques are in the area of shape memory alloys (Nickel titanium).
Head Office

Head Office

NTPlast SrL
Via Gaetano Donizetti, 20
00198 Rome

Operative Office & Shipping address

Operative Office & Shipping address

Via Enzo Ferrari, 49
Zona Industriale D3
15121 Alessandria


Technical Manager mobile: + 39 340 6808964

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